Gumdrop is Copper's adopted pup.

Appearance: Edit

Gumdrop is a light golden hound mix. She has white socks on her paws and has a small white splotch on her chest. She has dark golden ears. She has green eyes and has normal gold spots on her back. Gumdrop wears a red collar with a golden bone tag. When she grows up, her ears darken a bit in color and so do her eyes.

Personality: Edit

Gumdrop is outgoing and fun-loving. She's loyal and honest...Well, most the time anyway. She won't talk to new dogs in a big town, but she loves fumbling with other dogs' ears. She is very silly and hyper, but will always calm down to help. She's very playful and often hangs out with 'Mama Molly' since she doesn't like to be tied up or hunt. When she's grown up, she's still a pup at heart but takes things very seriously. She's motherly to her siblings when Molly and Copper aren't there and even with other pups. No matter her age, she'll always be a daddy's girl at heart, even though she adores Molly to death.

Trivia: Edit

-She calls Copper 'Papa' and once she meets Molly and sees how close her 'father' is to her, she starts calling her 'Mama'

-She looks up to Tod.

-Molly calls her Gummy

-She got the name since when she was found Copper thought she smelled of gumdrops

-She actually doesn't hunt with Amos, she only goes along and watches

-Gumdrop is terrifed of loud noises such as fireworks, thunder, etc. She can't stand them and will whimper and hide until it's gone. That's why Amos doesn't really like taking her on hunting trips, so he keeps her at different places.

-She calls Tod and Vixie 'Uncle Tod' and 'Auntie Vi'

-She will often call Cash and Dixie 'Great uncle' or 'great aunt' and call Rascal 'Uncle' and Martina 'Auntie' ((If that's okay with the owners of course))

-She refuses to hurt another animal, another reason why Amos rarely takes her hunting

-After a few months, Gumdrop's parents have four pups named Toby, Paisley, Carrie, and Clarabelle  and Gumdrop loves them to bits.  

-She's quite protective of her younger siblings and let's them do what they want to her. They're her weakness! 

-After she meets Yukon, she gains a crush on him (much to Copper's dislike of his pup growing up)

Stories she's appeared in:Edit

By me:

Tail as Old as Time

By others:

Music is better with two to hear


Voice actress:Edit


Mia Talerico - Charlie in Good Luck Charlie


Amy Gumenick - Played young Mary Winchester in Supernatural (teen)  

Samantha Smith - Mary Winchester is Supernatural (adult)